Live Fetish chick KinkyPervet

My Fetish: Pubephilia

Webcam profile: I am Ultra-kinky a young female of 23 years, I am from Colombia but I live in Spain. I live with my cat Donnie and my dog ​​Darko, I like to read books of the Marques de Sades and erotic literature. I am a MASOCHISM & SADISM lover, I like to be open-minded in absolutely everything.
I can be a highly accommodating slave like a highly requesting and accommodating domina. I am presently testing English and photography. In my spare time I see anime and read manga, I also like Marvel and DC comics. In a few words I hear a ex gf who is quite fun and accommodating and I am open to experience different cultures

Fave sex position: missionary and rear end fashion

What I do in my fledgling show: My smackings exhilarate me, they pinch or bite my puffies, they converse messy to me, they smooch my feet, they put their fingers in my hatch and I am kinky about the stimulations of my toys in my bulba or gusto button

What I don’t like: It does not arouse me that they give me orders sans first-ever motivating me, it does not exhilarate me to converse about hurting vulnerable beings, it does not thrill me that they are disrespectful

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